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    Website and software localization

    A localization service is required for attracting a multilingual audience and going to an international level. We work with program codes of websites, mobile applications, software, cloud services, computer games, etc.

    According to statistics, about a half of the most visited websites on the Internet are in English. Hence, if you would like to be heard and seen beyond the native land you need the service called “website localization”. This is not just translation of your website into a foreign language, but it means the most accurate adaptation to the cultural characteristics of the country of your target audience. But it is not that easy! The most complex cases require engaging several specialists in various fields including translators, programmers and web designers. Adaptation may involve any small details ranging from grammatical forms to using correct traffic signs.

    The mobile applications market is currently estimated at 100 billion dollars and it is constantly growing year by year. A correctly localized mobile application increases profitability and expands your company’s client database. We provide a comprehensive localization of mobile applications for IOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and other platforms, which are gaining popularity.

    Our engineers promptly extract an interface text from the code for its further translation. At the same time, they reveal the elements being subject to cultural adaptation in accordance with expectations of the target audience and requirements of the product promotion. Images and graphics are translated without changing the original style, font and size. Besides, we apply a technology of translation memory, which makes it possible to substantially save the client’s expenses for further program updates or releases. The correctness of the translation and the program code performance are checked at the quality control stage. We are in possession of all the tools required for localization, thus ensuring the success of our clients.

    The uniqueness of Tradosim consists in that we engage exclusively native speakers in our staff. We strongly believe that at least this fact can ensure correct translation into such languages as English, Russian and Ukrainian. And this means the success of your web source among the foreign audience! More information about website localization into Chinese you can find in our article here.


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