• Patent Application Review

    Native speaker editing and proofreading

    When you already have the translation prepared, an essential step towards patenting your invention is to make sure that the terminology is proper and the translated document contains no spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors. We offer prompt and quality comparative check of the translated texts and original texts by our specialists.

    Editing and proofreading services are most important upon translating patent applications. Successful registration of patent applications and further patent protection are possible only on condition that the application meets a range of requirements set by each national and/or regional patent office. Said requirements refer, among the other things, to the translation of a description, a set of claims, figures, abstract and other explanatory materials and, what is equally important, to the graphic arrangement of said parts of the application. Editing and proofreading include:

    • revision of the original text;
    • rewriting of the claims;
    • checking a possibility of the terminology generalization.

    The main requirement to the quality text revision is the sufficient experience of the proofreaders. The procedure itself includes an analysis of the logical and technical aspects of the patent application text as well as an introduction of amendments. Rewriting usually relates to the set of claims only. This process involves adaptation of the principle of stating the features without change of the essence of the invention according to the requirements of the unity of terminology. A check for a possibility of the terminology generalization provides the comparison of all the parts of the patent application to reveal any possible discrepancies in terminology.

    As a result of the performed work, you will get a patent application compiled fully in accordance with the national and/or regional intellectual property legislation and ready to be filed by a patent attorney.

    More than 100 intellectual property firms and professionals cooperate with us and clearly appreciate the required high quality of the services provided by our company.

    In case the patent translation is required for informational purposes, we suggest applying the neural machine translation system "WIPO Translate" with further proofreading and editing by our native-speaking experts. Such a unique service is available for translating from English into Russian and from English into Chinese. Bu using this combination of translation and proofreading you will get translation at a lower rate.


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