• Document translations

    Document translation

    The scope of our activities covers a wide range of document translations including but not limited to medical and pharmaceutical documents, laboratory tests, scientific investigations, technical documentation, certification documents, agreements, financial reports, business offers. Working with said documents has a number of peculiarities, namely many proper names, which require a correct interpretation, using templates (patterns), special wordings, etc.

    Medical and Pharmaceutical Documents
    This category includes texts with complex terminology: test protocols, licenses for manufacturing/import of drugs, medical equipment, drug certificates, methods of treatment, clinical trials, etc. We provide high accuracy translations of medical and pharmaceutical documentation.

    Technical Documents
    This category usually includes various engineering and technical documentation: drawings, flow charts, operating manuals, certificates, calculations, instructions and more. Translation of such documents is often accompanied by conversion of measurement units (e.g. from inches to millimeters) and adaptation of the document for its use on paper (e.g. layout). Work with manufacturing documents requires the attention of several professionals at once – at least of a person having a technical background and a philologist-editor of completed translations.

    Legal Documents
    Tradosim offers high-quality translations of texts in the fields of tax law, commercial law, procedural law, corporate law, civil law, judicial proceedings and government regulations. We guarantee an accurate translation of legal documents in the shortest time possible.

    Business Documents
    When taking your business to the international stage, it is obviously impossible to go ahead without using the services of highly qualified translators. Proper drafting of the agreements and other accompanying documents in English and/or Russian may improve your image and enhance the reputation of a strong company expanding its activities to other countries, where the official languages are English or Russian. We offer you a high-quality translation of financial documents including auditors’ reports, business plans, invoices, partnership agreements, economic researches and reviews.


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