Translation industry and Tradosim


In view of the rapid technical progress, the translation sphere has not been left without attention. Neural translation, unlike the usual machine one, gives the result of higher quality, especially when translating texts from a foreign language into Russian and vice versa. At the same time... read the full article


When the need for some technical translation services arises, the first important step you should take is to find a person with the right language skills. For most companies this presupposes choice between two options: going through a translation company or hiring freelance translators. Apparently, each of the options has its pros and cons. Below we provide lists of both positive and negative aspects... read the full article


Recently SDL has released a new version of Trados Studio 2017 with innovative updates, namely two new technologies – upLIFT and AdaptiveMT. UpLIFT is a technology based on the search of fragments of translation of No Match and Fuzzy Match segments in the database. Adaptive MT is a module for ... read the full article


A patent application comes a long way from an idea to obtainment of a patent/utility model patent consisting of several stages: collection of the required materials, drafting of a patent application followed by filing with a patent office and patent prosecution. However, after obtaining a patent we do not put it aside, we start to... read the full article


Regardless of whether you are a representative of a small enterprise, non-commercial organization or global corporation, you already have your own website which is the company’s image. But should you limit yourself just to one single audience if you can benefit from translation of your web-resource even from English into Chinese (as well as other languages)? read the full article

Tradosim WeChat

Today our company has joined the most popular Chinese app with the number of active users over 700 million people. WeChat(Wēixìn) is a hybrid platform of social network, instant messenger and payment system. Welcome to our official public company's profile (ID: Tradosim_fanyi). Scan the QR code on the picture and keep abreast of the latest translation industry news!


Talking about website localization we usually mean translation of the site interface into a foreign language and its adaptation to users residing thousands of kilometers away. You will surely need localization services if you are going to do business with clients from abroad.

It should be taken into consideration that the Chinese market is continually enhancing its positions in the international arena. Thus, in November 2015 the Chinese yuan joined the IMF basket due to the strengthening of the role of the currency. Besides, China is... read the full article


Patent application translation into Russian is performed, for example, if an applicant intends to obtain a Eurasian patent which is currently valid in eight countries (the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan). For the purposes of the PCT procedure the translation of the materials (as well as the document evidencing payment of the procedural fee) should be submitted to the Eurasian patent office not later than... read the full article