About Tradosim

We are a full-service translation company, which engages more than 150 employees. Over the past 9 years of services, we attracted more than a hundred of inventors, developers, commercial and industrial enterprises, global brands and government companies to become our clients. Each of our translators is a native speaker of the target language. The matter is that only a native speaker fully understands all the intricacies of language, can choose the equivalent terms disclosing the exact meaning of the source text.

We conduct business in accordance with international standards, such as ISO 17100 and EN 15038 providing comprehensive and customized solutions in Russian, Ukrainian and English languages to enable precise global communication for your industry-specific needs. The main fields of our expertise include such industries as aerospace, agriculture, automotive, biotechnology, chemical, construction, electronics, energy, finance and insurance, food & beverage, health, information technologies, legal services, manufacturing, mining, medical devices & supplies, pharmaceutical technology, telecommunications, web services, computer software and other related fields. More information about our company can be found in the news blog.

Why you should choose us?

  • High quality translation services

    High quality

    Our employees are chosen on the basis of strict selection criteria and a process of continuous evaluation and improvement, and that is crucial for sustaining high quality.

  • value for money

    The best value for money

    Our automated project management system makes complicated coordination unnecessary. With our intelligent management software and massive translation memory database, our clients not only save time but money as well.

  • Meeting the Due Dates

    Meeting the Due Dates

    We always work ahead of schedule in order to have extra time to meet deadlines accurately. Meeting deadlines is a root principle of our business.